Amrita lives on

Yet again a gift of love and  affection to the memory of Amrita Pritam by Uma Trilok.

After " Amrita Imroz a love story " Uma Trilok presents yet another book to Amrita Pritam, during her birth centenary year, a third in the sequence.

Uma Trilok feels that the lives of Amrita Pritam, Imroz and Sahir Ludhianvi are so deep and vast like an ocean that if you sit on its shore, a mention, a line, an incident, a story, on its own comes on the boundless surface of the waves like the beautiful coiled conches, which  compels the writer to write about them.

The book is like a stanza from a poem, a tune of a song and like  delicate lines of a quatrain.

The book's poetic content, and its fragility of  expression takes  the reader into a unique magical world.

A must read.

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